Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Short Distance Bus Ride

So it's late and I'm beat and I've been waiting out there in the cold for a bit, but eventually the Number 4 shows up and I climb on. The bus driver says, "Have you always had short hair?" I say, "Yes," which is, I guess, a lie. I don't know exactly why I lied, but I guess it had something to do with hoping to short-circuit the whole conversation.

The bus driver says, "You look like this girl who used to ride my bus, but she had long hair." So I look at the bus driver and he looks kind of familiar and I feel a little weird about lying on the hair front, which is more something I do to strangers on the street than to the bus driver, generally, so I say, "Actually, I guess I had long hair a couple of years ago." And he says, "Yeah, that could be what I'm thinking of."

And then he says, "Now you're walking on the wild side."

It was kind of a depressing thing to have your bus driver say to you.

Then two girls got on with a dog. Then some guys got on and started harassing the girls and barely, over my headphones, I could hear one girl going up to the bus driver and saying, "She's my girlfriend." I feel like any situation that requires you to explain your relationship status to the bus driver is probably one to be avoided, but I don't know. I don't know how they got the driver to let them bring the dog on the bus, for that matter.


Noko Marie said...

This story reminded me immediately of something linked to on Jezebel about a woman who got in trouble with a driver in the UK for being her boyfriend's pet on a leash. The driver kicked her off and she was indignant that her lifestyle wasn't being respected.

Link is here.

Several commenters at Jezebel pointed out that if you can't bring a pet on the bus anyway, what's she got to complain about?

Octopus Grigori said...

I would actually be invigorated if my bus driver were to tell me that I was walking on the wild side. Mostly he or she just tells me not to put all my quarters into the slot at the same time.