Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Open Source Boob Project: One Girl's Opinion

Maybe you heard about the Open Source Boob Project, where some geeks were at a sci fi convention and started imagining a better world, a world in which, if you wanted to touch a girl's breast, you could just ask, "can I touch your breast?" and she could say yes, or no, without any of the baggage that comes with reducing a person to her body parts or whatever.

Okay, I only know about it from this Jezebel post so it's not like I'm informed. But I can have an opinion on the story even if it's not accurately reported, right? I can have an opinion on the idea of an Open Source Boob Project?

Usually I'm all in favor of whatever: y'all are having fun, knock yourselves out. Sure. And basically that's my attitude here.

But still, something about the Open Source Boob Project gets a little on my nerves. What is it?

I think part of it is that the reason girls are touchy about having their breasts groped is precisely because of the attitude implicit in the Open Source Boob Project. Not that "I'd like to touch your breasts" is somehow bad in itself. But the idea that touching breasts is a kick for a guy in a way that has nothing to do with whether you're attracted, interested, thinking of pursuing further interaction.

I don't mean pursuing a relationship. No. I mean, pursuing further sexual interaction. The Project is supposed to be boob touching without even the context of "gee, maybe we'll, you know, um, later or something."

If touching breasts is such a kick to guys that it's like candy, regardless of whether there's any sexual anything going on, at all, in any way, well, honestly, all I can say is that that makes me kind of want to reserve my breasts for more special occasions.

So I guess I'll be one of the girls wearing the buttons that say, "No, you may not."

Actually there won't be any buttons, because those were part of the long-term plan that got nixed when people all over the internet were like, "Huh? What? Open Source Boob Project? What is wrong with you people?"

I'm sure it was fine between friends. But I think the trouble I've pointed out is one reason it's not going to work on a grand scale. Sorry. Even for a good-time girl -- perhaps even more so for a good-time girl -- boobs are kind of "closed source" items.

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