Monday, June 9, 2008

Paris: Some Images

OK, so I wrote before about how stylish Paris is, and how fun that makes the city, and yada yada yada, and of course it was the perfect post for some images but I didn't post any. I don't know what I was thinking. But rather than show you a bunch of photos-of-Paris of the kind you can find anywhere on the web, I want to call your attention first to the RATP logo, which exemplifies just what I was talking about.

RATP is the public transport system of Paris, so the logo is everywhere, especially on the Metro. Here's it is:

Mmm, isn't that something?

I've been told that literally, it's a depiction of the region it serves: the circle is Paris, and the blue line is the Seine.

But it seems to also be a kind of take-off on the London Underground symbol, you know, the circle with the line through it? Similar, but totally different.

Also, it looks sort of like a person's face, pointing up, doesn't it? You know, in profile?

And finally, it's just really just kind of a pleasing and soothing image. I love it.

Next is a picture of one of my favorite places in Paris, the open indoor space of the Pompidou museum.

It's not a great picture because what I was really trying to photograph is this thing in the middle, which is a work of art, that spins, with a heavy weight attached that looks like it's about to detach itself and bring death and mayhem to all the museum-goers. I tried to take a picture of the spinning part but it was too fast/small/blurry to come out so you can't see it here. Weird, disturbing, interesting!

And finally, since Paris is so, you know, historical and all, I here's a plaque from the Sorbonne showing some important ancestry:

Now we know why he always has that kind of pomadour hairstyle:

Beavis est mort. Vive Beavis!

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