Wednesday, May 7, 2008


There are some things that just don't come naturally to me. Which is something I was thinking about as I was hanging my suit pants up this evening, because although I know which way I want my pants on their hangers to face, I always hang them up differently, every time. I have no built-in sense of how to attach the pants to the hangers so that they face the way I think they should look. Which is a little strange, because I hang my pants up a lot.

I guess the kind of triviality this embodies is hardly worth mentioning, but I feel like there's a lot of that floating around in my life, things that I do often that I don't have a system for, or that I have a system for that fails often.

Example: I lock myself out more than the average person. Once I locked myself out four times in a month. That was exceptional, and probably a cry for help. But still. Since I moved to Bakersfield I have left my keys in my office twice.

If you make these kinds of mistakes you get good at retrieving them; I have excellent mistake-fixing skills. But there's still something upsetting about that since of friction in the way you move through life; it makes everything seem a little off.


Noko Marie said...

I'm like this at the gym, and I can never figure out if it's me or the place is badly organized. All my systems fail. In the locker room, I'm constantly dropping my ipod on the floor, forgetting to get the relevant items out of my backpack before settling it in the locker, leaving my glasses somewhere they shouldn't be, getting in the way of all the other locker-room users. Why don't the systems work? It's incredibly frustrating!

Octopus Grigori said...

At least you are hanging your pants up. I throw mine across the back seat of my car.